How To Fix CPU Bottleneck in Games [ Causes & Solutions ]

Today, every second person facing bottleneck problems in gaming and asking about How To Fix CPU Bottleneck? There are two kinds of bottlenecks that you can face while gaming regularly. These can destroy and reduce your whole gaming experience in a simple way. It happens due to two significant reasons such as GPU and CPU. The first thing is GPU Bottleneck, where you will find limited gaming performance from your GPU and graphics card.

However, the second main factor is CPU Bottleneck, where you will get great limiting reasons in CPU while gaming, whenever you have 100% CPU use while gaming and your GPU less than 99% in gaming,

this situation is known as CPU Bottleneck. Moreover, it is simple and easy to solve the GPU Bottleneck because it is less strong graphic. The bottleneck CPU can happen due to multiple reasons, such as hardware or software.

The CPU bottleneck creates the destruction and disturbance of gaming play and makes it worse than GPU problems. Mainly, it creates shuttering that can leads to concerns and make your game hopeless. However, if you possess a perfect and powerful graphic card, the CPU will reduce the working efficiency of the GPU.

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It also reduces your use of GPU. CPU bottleneck also occurs if you have a strong processor that can make you base for this matter.

However, we describe how to fix CPU Bottleneck, its causes, and ways completely with accurate and perfect information. So, come here and read out our article ultimately, which will prove very helpful for you.

What Do You mean Bottleneck, CPU Bottleneck, and GPU Bottleneck?

In which way do we say its name, Bottleneck? The reason is that it happens when we are sending limited data for processing? Otherwise, what amount of data can be analyzed at this meanwhile?


In the second phase, there is no too much space for returning the data and numbers. How much data is going for processing in such competitive conditions?

Those components which are creating bottlenecking in multiple processes are two. These are namely CPU, which is a processor, and the GPU, which is a graphics card. If there develops great stress in processing speed, then a bottleneck will occur.

CPU Bottleneck

A CPU bottleneck occurs when there is not much more speed for the processing and data transferring process.  The best example is the GTX 1080 Ti graphics card that visualizes making pairs AMD A6 5th gen processor.

You can easily play games in a GTX 1080 Ti on paper with better graphic features. Because the A6 processor does not maintain the processing speed of graphic cards, then a CPU bottleneck occurs.

The CPU processes proper game operations, kinematics, UI, sound, and other complicated CPU-contract operations. A bottleneck arises when the frequency of material transport is restricted.

It would help if you looked at the images presented below for an outstanding visual representation of what occurs at the time of CPU bottlenecks.

GPU Bottleneck

An idea also comes on GPU bottleneck – but it occurs when you connect rapid management with a standard graphics card. So, apply an example, if we use a processor which is Intel Core i7-8700K and excellently components it with a GT 1030 graphics card.

It is a fact that the i7 processor can effectively apply to the gaming process. Its working efficiency is so rapid that the GT 1030 just does not have the power to return the material.

How to Identify CPU Bottleneck?

From the utilization of MSI Afterburner, you can describe that your processor is creating a bottleneck to your graphic card or not. You should download the MSI Afterburner by using the on-display layout. Then analysis the CPU and GPU working process critically.

Suppose you find that your CPU working efficiency is at 99% or 100%. At the same time, your GPU working efficiency is excellently lower than 99%. Then, you understand that your CPU is creating a bottleneck for graphic cards, and you need to do something about it.

Now, for the cpu bottleneck symptoms and investigation that we can play multiple games, this issue is not only for gaming. However, it may be for CPU or other things that can boots your CPU at the greatest level in gaming. That s not a simple thing.

Your GPU working efficiency will be at an upgrade level in an ideal condition that’s maybe up to 99% or 100%. However, if you have a simple and easy gaming experience, you will not bring CPU usage.

Can Bottleneck damage Your computers?

No, any form of Bottleneck cannot harm your pc. Although, if it runs the CPU or GPU at a 100% ratio, then it is not bad for your devices from any view. Because all components of pc effectively manufacture and design to run them with such bottleneck situations.

But, thermals are only one thing that can create concern for you. Because high thermals can have a little effect on CPU and GPU lifespan, this effect is very little less. However, Your components will become out of date large before they expire from routine activities.

What Happens If Your CPU Bottlenecks?

Whenever your CPU bottlenecks. Then it is clear that it cannot process complete the data which requires to your GPU. It is unable to maintain itself with dealing with demand, then the development of a chokepoint occurs.

Now, you will see your performance is so bad and devastating than it should be.  However, the CPU processes the establishment in games, supernormal, sound, UI, working, and other miscellaneous object.

Your GPU provides the pictures, which means it is related to graphics and game observation. You can concentrate on a bottleneck when you see the utilization of the CPU and GPU.

Excellently, you desire the CPU to be within 90%, and the GPU levitate in the 90-100% standard. It is typical and superb to look at a GPU permanent working power at 100%.

So, it is clear that everything perfect and both parts are performing their job. Although, When your CPU becomes very poor, it will have a specific effect on the FPS.

Furthermore, you might experience smaller stutters and refrigerate as the CPU cannot manage all things simultaneously.

How to we can Address CPU and GPU Bottleneck?

We do not have any method to look at your processor or graphic card because of what’s causing the Bottleneck. You may perform it by downloading a monitoring software such as MSI Afterburner.

We also put here a download option for your facilities. You should click on the downloads option and click on the Download Afterburner option and get it quickly.

Monitoring Processes of Your CPU and GPU 

You should need to log in CPU and GPU working efficiency and the opening and adjustment of MSI Afterburner while gaming. Otherwise, you can also open the monitoring window while playing games.

It also permits you to look at the burden and load present on your CPU and GPU.  You can also get a CPU bottleneck when the CPU represents excellent working efficiency and minimum GPU utilization.

So, it is clear and perfect that you have CPU dependent game. From the visualization at the flip corner, it predicts that you are facing a GPU bottleneck. But, if your GPU burden is spear when your CPU loads are at a minimum standard. So, it clear that your game is GPU dependent.

Basic Methods for Fixing Your Bottleneck Issues

It is very simple and easy to solve those issues you are facing from your CPU or GPU. The basic rule to fix CPU Bottleneck is that you should maintain the processing burden of its parts to work at the same level.

Method 1: Maximize the game’s resolution

When you are suffering from a CPU bottleneck problem, you should maximize the processing utilization of your GPU to “maintain” the burden. From this setting your game’s graphics to a more significant almost four thousand intentions, the GPU will require greater time to contribute the management material.

Have your processor and graphic card operation data at a general acceleration to look at other opportunities of working bottlenecks.

Method 2: Close unnecessary background working 

The best and most efficient way to reduce your CPU bottleneck’s problems is to finish your background management working. By performing such activities, also leads to a fantastic boosting in FPS numbering.

Method 3: Overclock the RAM

As RAM is actively joined that with how much efficiency CPU will run its data process.   From the overclocking of RAM, a great increase in working and FPS can be seen.

Method 4: CPU overlocking

From Overclock the CPU, you will get great space for the CPU to breathe.

Method 5: Reduce CPU-intensive game adjustment

We are reducing in-game CPU-bound adjustments, also offering a maximum increase and decrease in CPU bottleneck problems. This adjustment also incorporates but is not fixed to reducing sketch area, vegetation, community size, etc.

Unlucky, you do not possess more solutions gamers can fix fixing a GPU bottleneck behind setting the graphics to minimum adjustment. While, on favorable view, receiving GPU bottleneck is good before it does not come back disturbance in the game disable obtaining a CPU bottleneck.

Causes and Solutions to fix CPU Bottleneck in Games

Now, we are describing here multiple causes that can conduct to CPU Bottleneck in gaming. By following our given below solutions fixes, you can simply fix the problem of your CPU, or you can minimize it at many levels.

1. CPU Overheating


Whenever you see your CPU is overheating, you should slow down its operating speed to prevent it from damaging. But, you will get minimum working experience. However, it can become a significant source of CPU bottlenecks in games.


The basic causes of your processor overheating include:

  • Inadequate freezing.
  • An inept CPU cooler.
  • Lower heat copy.
  • Burnt-out warm compress.
  • A weak connection between the CPU with the CPU cooler.


You can fix the CPU Bottleneck by using high-quality thermal paste. Moreover, you can go standard CPU cooler, certainly when you have a goods processor cooler. However, you should check the CPU fans are running with their frequency range.  When running a little low, you should change it with a new and high-quality fan with similar or above RPM.

You can actively adjust and monitor CPU fan running frequency from hardware monitoring tools, including HWiNFO and HWMonitor. However, you can also boost the cooling in your case from installing almost one fan and one overtire fan at the back end.

2. Virus or hacker attack  

Problem & causes:

When your computer is contaminated with a virus, hackers, or criminal application, it may operate in the process and produce excessive CPU usage. Throughout a significant virus infestation, I’ve observed up to 100% CPU utilization on rest.

It significantly reduces the working efficiency of your computer, even when you are doing your daily routine activities. Although, your gaming performance also decreases to a worse standard if your CPU is getting an overworked almost great time.


You can simply cpu bottleneck gaming fix by running your management scan with a quality anti-virus and anti-hackers’ program. The best solution, in my opinion, is only NOD32 Anti-Virus for getting rid of all anti-virus programs. But, our all suggestion also goes to Malwarebytes that is the best option for the anti-hackers program.

3. Windows Update

Problem & causes:

It is a remarkable fact that the recent Windows update has increased CPU usage much more than other versions. Therefore, if your CPU is working, efficiency increase from window updating, particularly for the operating system Windows 10.

As a result, you will return the roll to your old version, and you need to wait for the latest launch or update, which comes by fixing this issue. Windows 10 does not consider best due to its additional updates feature. Even, sometimes it decreases the overall working performance of your PC instead of boosting it.


You can fix this issue by doing a careful installation in Windows update, and you need to postpone it if you see any problem in the window. Although, you will start it when you make sure there is no one problem in its window

. You should only install the update if you get good feedback or a green light from reputable advancement analysts or freelancers.

4. Buggy Graphics Drivers

Problem & causes:

It is also the fact that when you have a dull and faulty graphics driver for your video card can create multiple problems in running your processor. Then, it brings a significant CPU bottlenecking in sports.

Its best instance is the most recent Nvidia Driver section 430.39 has been announced to reason good CPU working from its NVscreeny.Container.exe document.


You can simply fix CPU Bottleneck problem from Nvidia runner secession 430.53. However, when the hotfix does not appear at the correct time. Then it is time to roll return to old drivers by thoroughly downloading the latest drivers with Screen Driver downloader usage.

5. Game Related problems

Problem & causes:

If it is a big problem of a game or a bug in this playing, it becomes an excellent source for efficient CPU utilization.


Then, you should need to wait for a running patch of gaming publishers or developers. Moreover, you can also fix this problem by doing some work on it. This work includes the development of alternation in-game management.

Problem & causes:

Although, when the game perfectly rules on very CPU connect or is harsh boosts for its usage. Then, we cannot do something about this matter, and you will live with this problem.


Because there is only one aspect that you can perform here, which is getting superb level to your CPU. However, we cannot understand your decision accurately and wisely to upgrade your CPU for a few CPU-needed games.

Condition is that if you already have a high-quality and beautiful CPU in your gaming PC. The best and most useable CPU-intensive games also include Assassins Creed Odyssey, GTA V, etc.

6. CPU Intensive Graphics adjustment 

Problem& cause:

Almost all the games attain much graphic setting in their CPU and become the cause for the excellent working of CPU. It happens when you have a dull and faulty CPU. All these setting effectively depends on the one playing to other factors.

Although, every game has its unique features and process. Moreover, there is no one international method to describe which graphics adjustment you have to unable or little less.


Now, you need to check all these upgrade graphics setting separately, one by one. But, check from unbaling and monitor its effect on the CPU working performance in-game. The best and most useable CPU-intensive settings also include PhysX or Physics, Polygons, Decals, etc.

7. Disable Anti-virus / Background Programs & Services

Problem & causes:

You should enable your anti-virus management while playing games, particularly the standard last of AAA games. The reason is that it continuously works in the background inspect documents (in original time source).

However, it may cause a disturbance CPU tramp that can hamper your gaming efficiency. The leading cause of this shuttering is all the background plans with the google option or some other additional background performance.

It also management control to turned close or unable before working of any game. Its leading cause is that many sources, particularly memory and processor, inhibit the game to works at its greatest range.


So, you can fix it from the utilization of Windows development in task controller or high-quality third-party utility operation. So, it will be a wanderer to monitor the background management and working efficiency. However, you can remove those which require or not.

8. Hackers System document / Windows document

Problem & causes:

Whenever hackers are operating systems and management documents resulting from hackers’ destruction, it may be caused due to other software which disables standard CPU working performance.


Now, you can fix CPU Bottleneck by using the management document analyzer to analyze the integrity of management documents and rearrange hackers’ ones. Moreover, it can also get rid of using the SFC /scan now command at the instruct control panel to reset and analyze your essential operating system documents on your PC.

9. Cracked games

Problem & causes:

When you play a hacked game that you download from a torrent or any other dishonest source, it may have multiple malicious program documents that include a bitcoin miner and cryptocurrency program.

The working process of these malicious plans begins when you start the game and can evacuate your CPU strength. So, it will decrease the working efficiency of your processor while gaming and become a cause for CPU bottleneck.


So, it is better that you should have a clean gaming copy. Moreover, you always buy gaming copies from gaming publishers instead of downloading illegal gaming copies.

How to optimize CPU performance?

Today, it is very simple and easy to boosts your current CPU for outstanding and superb performance by using multiple tweaks and techniques. We are describing these squeeze and techniques here briefly:

1. CPU Overclocking

The outstanding and most efficient process to boost your CPU performance is overclocking. Although, you cannot overclock on all CPUs. It can be performed only with the CPUs which coming with the unlocked duplicate. Moreover, it may overclock on the agreeable motherboard that effectively guides for overclocking.

In short, when you possess a locked processor or a motherboard, that does not assist the overclocking process. Then, you are helpless to overlock it for obtaining excellence working in games.

2. Incapacitate CPU Core Parking

Cor parking windows are coming with a feature that keeps few CPU cores in a sleep condition if they have a lower workload. It also does for saving power and increasing the lifespan of a CPU on which CPU they rule.

By making the disable the core parking, you can reduce stuttering conditions in games. Those stuttering conditions develop from CPU bottleneck, particularly in slightly strong and older CPU.

You can use a few special free core parking tools to make unable core parking or develop it a little aggressive. Moreover, it is also applicable for the arrangement of parking cores. These are also included in Park Control, faster CPU, or Unable Core Parking advantages.

It is very simple to reinstate the core parking adjustment to its natural situation when you don’t require core parking and desire to protect efficiency.

3. Operating Window Power adjustment for CPU

It is very simple to adjust smaller CPU conditions to larger ones that will be 100% in the Processor efficiency. It controls the menu in operating efficiency choices adjustment in the management system.

For its obtaining purposes, you will move to system management ->power options choose power program >alternate latest power adjustment. Then, it increases the CPU efficiency control list and then the CPU efficiency control adjustment.

4. Increase your Game Resolution / Graphics Adjustment

Whenever you possess a poor and faulty processor, but it has an approximately strong graphics card. So, you maximize your graphics adjustment, and the resolution develops the game greater limited on the graphic card and boosts GPU utilization.

So, the development of your GPU works at its greatest potential, and it can protect your CPU from loading. Furthermore, it does not bring any change in your frame speed. But, it can minimize it as the game is working with great adjustment.

However, it can decrease the disturbance in the game at a level caused by great processor utilization. So, you can also obtain superb GPU for frequent the similar standard of performance.



Now, we conclude that every second gamer is in search of How To Fix CPU Bottleneck? These CPU Bottlenecks develop from faulty pair of processor and graphics card. So, all gamers must achieve the right and perfect pair components to perform their processor better.

If you are also facing this problem, then it is very simple and easy to fix it. You just need to read our article thoroughly, which tells you the causes and solutions of bottlenecks with accurate and straightforward information.

You will able to fix it by keeping the minimum temperature of your CPU while working or gaming. Our best suggestion is to always get excellent guidance or information before purchasing your components; however, if you have any concerns or questions, contact us in the comment section.

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